Business Surveillance Systems

openphotonet_secure seeingInnovative Networks has been installing Commercial Video Surveillance Systems, or CCTV, for many years and we’ve learned what it takes to make your business secure.  There are a wide variety of business surveillance systems available, and identifying which system will best suit your business’s needs is our expertise.

To secure your business with a business surveillance system takes high quality hardware, recording equipment, proper camera placement and positioning and expert installation.

Surveillance Systems Help Prevent Theft

We professionally install our business surveillance systems in essential areas to help ensure that you have eyes and ears watching your business at all times.  With proper placement, your surveillance system will not only deter theft, but ensure you’ve captured high quality footage should a theft occur.

Monitor Your Business from Anywhere

npYvnPqOur business surveillance systems allow you to remotely monitor your business from anywhere, using just about any device you can imagine.  Our systems will allow you to remotely monitor your staff, customers and key locations in your location anywhere, at anytime, using your PC, smart phone or tablet!

In addition to remote monitoring, our systems will notify you should an alarm go off and can be setup to alert you in the event that a motion detector or an event occurs.

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